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台南婚紗攝影工作室 婚禮上通常進行的新婚祝福(圖)(5)

  My heartiest good wishes on the 20th anniversary of your marriage,台南婚紗展.

  May the years to come bring every blessing to you both.


  Heartiest congratulations and best wishes to you both for a long life and an ever—lasting happiness。


  I send you warm congratulations and hope that there are many more years of happiness ahead for both of you.


  Congratulations to you both and may the years ahead bring you continued joy and contentment.


  Let us wish you both a hundred years of happiness.


  On the occasion of your silver wedding anniversary,台南婚紗店推薦,I send to you both hearty congratulations and best wishes for health,a long life and happiness.


  I take great pleasure in sending here with a little wedding present in celebration Of the happy event.

  I wish you lots of happiness


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